The PFDC coaching programme for independent research fellows comprises up to three 1-hour individual coaching sessions with an experienced and accredited leadership coach. 

The short- and longer-term benefits of coaching include:

  • Support in career and professional development
  • Improved self-awareness, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Identifying clarity, focus and actions for development
  • Developing a more positive mind-set and taking action to resolve problems, issues and develop work performance
  • Reflection on practice, insights into new ways of working and identification of plans for improvement
  • Personal change and development
  • An opportunity to receive safe, supportive, and confidential feedback

Testimonials from participants:

‘The coaching sessions with the PFDC have been a revelation. I was originally quite cynical about the value of coaching, but it has really opened my eyes and helped me evolve as an academic and a leader. Already, within a few sessions, I have implemented some of the concepts that have arisen from the sessions into my day-to-day life. I have seen an almost immediate improvement in my work/life balance, effectiveness in running a research group, and ability to deal with difficulties at work. The quality of the coach has been great – they are clearly well-versed in the art of coaching and have been professional throughout. I couldn’t recommend it enough: it is a fantastic experience.’
'Coaching sessions have undoubtedly been inspiring and insightful, have helped me better understand my personality and identify strengths and have helped me focus on what I do best to become a better leader. Definitely a great resource for personal and professional development.’

Who will provide the coaching?

Stefanie Edler-Wollstein is a Consultant at the PFDC team and an experienced and accredited senior and executive level coach. Stefanie coaches academics at all levels and career stages, and brings a deep understanding of the academic context and the nuances of structures and processes.

What is the charge for executive coaching?

We are pleased to be able to offer up to 3 hours of executive coaching at no charge to Imperial fellows. 

How can I register my interest?

To register your interest in receiving leadership coaching please fill out our short form here

The coaching is an ongoing provision. You can apply at any point of your fellowship.