Book a one-to-one

To book an appointment, please complete this ‌One-to-One Request Form and email the PFDC-Support team.

We offer one-to-one appointments with research staff at Imperial. These are informal chats about anything you'd like to discuss about your life as a researcher at the College.

You could use these sessions to discuss any topic, including:

  • your CV
  • job searching
  • fellowship applications
  • lectureship positions
  • moving out of academic research
  • issues related to working in your lab / team
  • development opportunities available to you
  • networking opportunities
  • or anything else you want to discuss

If you would like a one-to-one before a specific date, please give us as much time as possible to schedule a meeting. We may not be able to accommodate bookings requested with less than two weeks’ notice.

"I received very good feedback about how to present my CV and how to highlight the important ideas in my cover letter. The discussion was very motivating and helped me to finish my application with much more confidence."
"I was able to get relevant information and suggestions for my fellowship application. The suggestions will help me to write a more effective and stronger application."