Sargent Centre has been running a successful Seminar Series for many years and each year we invite distinguished national and international experts to the Centre. The seminars are put together by:

Sargent Centre Staff

Sargent Centre Reps

Industrial Consortium Members can propose speakers and topics of research that interest them by contacting their company's Academic Friend

Seminars now take place on a hybrid basis, and are recorded dependent on the speaker's permission - please contact sargent.centre@imperial.acuk for further information.

 2022 Sargent Centre Seminar Series


SpeakersTitle Seminar Date

Professor Timothy Ebbels (Imperial College London)

Computational Metabolomics: Molecules Meet Machine Learning

4th March 2022 


Professor Dolores Romero Morales (Copenhagen Business School)

Novel Mathematical Optimization Models to Enhance Transparency in Machine Learning


16th March 2022


Dr Michael Sokolov (ETH Zurich)

Advanced machine-learning and hybrid modeling approach for knowledge transfer across molecules and scales


9th June 2022 at 3pm

Dr George Koutitas (University Center of International Programmes of Studies (UCIPS)

How AR/VR and Digital Twins are shaping manual labour 

20th June 2022 at 3pm

Online - please find out how to join us here


Dr Dominik Bongartz (RWTH Aachen University)

Accelerating global optimization for process design: Reduced-space formulations, relaxations & parallelization

5th July 2022


Sargent Centre RODH 617 - Roderic Hill Building, Imperial College London, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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