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Frequently asked questions

CPSE Post Doc Reps

We have two CPSE Post Doc Reps: Dr Sara Giarola and Dr Zoltán Kis. You can contact your Reps about any problems, issues or suggestions that you would like to raise. Sara and Zoltán will represent post doc views to CPSE Management and provide feedback from CPSE community. It is essential that you make efforts to communicate issues of concern. This can be positive feedback on aspects which work well (and thus might be shared as good practice) as well as concerns about issues which negatively affect the post doc experience. The Post Doc Reps will also be invited to comment on, and provide input to proposed changes to procedures and will decimate information to their peers. The overall aim is to improve the learning experience for CPSE researchers.

Dr Sara Giarola:
Dr Zoltán Kis:

How do I create a PWP (professional web page)?

All CPSE members, including Students and Post Docs are required to have personal web page (PWP). Instructions on how to create a PWP can be found below by selecting your university.  When you have created your PWP, please email it to Miss Senait Selassie. Your PWP will be linked to the CPSE Website.

  • For Imperial College London personal web page, please contact Miss Senait Selassie
  • For University College London, Department Of Chemical Engineering personal web page, please contact Ms Katy Le Lion
  • For University College London, Department of Biochemical Engineering personal web page, please contact Ms Jana Small 

What is the CPSE Industrial Consortium?

Whilst you are in CPSE, you have the added advantage of being able to interact and network with industrial companies. This unique access to multinational companies is provided through the Centre’s Industrial Consortium. The Centre holds annually an Industrial Consortium Meeting and the event features Research Poster Session and Recruitment Session and presentations from Industrial Companies. This privileged interaction in the past has led to our students doing secondments and gaining employment with our company members. The Industrial Consortium Meetings take place on the first Thursday and Friday in December. It is a requirement for all CPSE students to attend the Industrial Consortium Meetings . The next meeting will be on 3rd and 4th December 2020.

Can I attend CPSE Seminars?

CPSE has been running a successful Seminar Series for many years and each year we invite distinguished national and international experts to the Centre. The seminars are put together by Dr Ruth MisenerDr Alexandros Kiparissides, Dr Antonio del Rio Chanona and Sarah Payne. Industrial Consortium Members can propose speakers and topics of research that interest them by contacting their company's Academic Friend. The CPSE Seminar Series video recordings are available and can be downloaded.  

The theme for this year’s seminar series is “Manufacturing the Future: Industry, Biology & Mathematics”.

How can I view CPSE Webinars?

In 2017, CPSE started the Webinar Series. The webinars are put together by Dr Panos Parpas Dr Michail Stamatakis, and Miss Senait SelassieThe webinars are one-hour online session: 40 minutes' presentation + 20 minutes' Q&A. For more information, please visit the Webinar Series page.

How do I report my exciting news?

If you have exciting news to share, please let us know so that we can include it in the Website and Newsletter. You can report your news by contacting Senait Selassie: