A picture of the Centre for Psychedelic Research team in their office

We owe a debt of gratitude to our generous funders, whose unwavering support has propelled our groundbreaking work in the field of psychedelic science. With their visionary backing, we have been able to conduct rigorous clinical studies that explore the profound potential of psychedelic-assisted therapies. Their belief in our mission and dedication to advancing mental health treatment have allowed us to push the boundaries of knowledge and provide evidence-based interventions that hold promise for individuals seeking healing and personal growth. We humbly acknowledge and extend our deepest appreciation to our esteemed funders for their pivotal role in revolutionizing the therapeutic landscape and catalyzing positive change in the lives of countless individuals.

Please see below a list of our generous funders who have supported our centre. 

  • Alexander Tamas
  • Anton Bilton
  • Beckley Psytech
  • Bohdana Tamas
  • Eric Grotefeld
  • Founder’s pledge
  • Gracias Family Foundation
  • Jack Joiner – “Infinitive Well” art collection for CIPPRes Clinic
  • Jeremy Gardner
  • John Lynch
  • Leafy Tunnel
  • Mydecine innovations group
  • Saisei Foundation
  • Shamil Chandaria
  • The Alexander Mosley Charitable Trust
  • The Horne Family Charity Foundation
  • The Nikean Foundation
  • Thomas & Elizabeth Martin
  • WildPear Studio Ltd


If you would like to contribute to our centre please reach out to our general email on psychedelicresearch@imperial.ac.uk