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AB - AIM: Psychedelics have recently gained attention as potential therapeutic agents for various psychiatric disorders. Previous research has highlighted that a diminished sense of self, commonly termed "ego-dissolution" is a pivotal feature of the psychedelic-induced state. While the Ego-Dissolution Inventory (EDI) is a widely acknowledged instrument for measuring this phenomenon, no Japanese version has been available. This study aimed to develop a Japanese version of the EDI. METHODS: We adhered to the "Guidelines for Best Practices in the Translation and Cultural Modification Process for Patient-Reported Outcomes Instruments: Document from the ISPOR Committee on Translation and Cultural Modification" during our translation approach. Two Japanese psychiatrists independently conducted initial translations, and a consolidated version was achieved via mutual agreement. This version was then back-translated to English and assessed by the original authors for consistency. The repetitive modification process was conducted in continuous dialogues with the original authors until they accepted the concluding back-translated version. RESULTS: The finalized, approved back-translated version of the EDI is presented in the accompanying figure. In addition, the authorized Japanese version of the EDI is included in the Appendix. CONCLUSIONS: In this study, we successfully developed the Japanese version of the EDI. This instrument will assist in assessing ego-dissolution experiences associated with psychedelic-assisted therapy among Japanese speakers. Additional studies are necessary to evaluate the reliability and validity of this newly translated instrument.
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