In recognition of the potential for quantum innovation at Imperial, the EPSRC and the EU Marie-Curie programme have awarded multi-million pound grants since 2009 to facilitate further progress. This has enabled the foundation of a Centre for Doctoral Training, an Innovative Doctoral Training and a Skills Centre, to educate and inspire graduates for a future in the emerging field of quantum science and technology.

 The unique programs offered at Imperial are designed to produce individuals with the capacity to grow the quantum technology industry through start-ups and innovation as well as to understand quantum science. They consist of a one-year Masters course, where quantum specialists from the college teach students in small groups to prepare them for research in the field. After the first year, students progress to their PhD research, and can take full advantage of the diverse range of world-leading research groups linked to Imperial when deciding upon their project. Students also benefit from industry placements and collaboration throughout the course. 
Doctoral training at Imperial is organised into three areas: Quantum Systems Engineering (QSE), Controlled Quantum Dynamics (CQD) and Frontiers in Quantum Technology (FQT).