Funding is available to support ODA compliant knowledge exchange activites that are within EPSRC remit. Funding is available for:

  • Knowledge exchange with one or more ODA countries to understand the applicability of previous EPSRC funded research results with the aims of creating an impact to the benefit of that country or other ODA countries;
  • Applying technologies and/or services developed through previous EPSRC funded research to be of use and benefit to an ODA country or countries, in-line with rules on ODA compliance.

EPSRC Global Challenges Knowledge Exchange Guidance

All applications must complete an EPSRC Global Challenges Knowledge Exchange cover sheet

This Call is currently closed.

Global Challenges Research Fund Review Group 

Applications to this call was assessed by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Review Group.  The Group reviewed all applications received, then made funding recommendations, which were taken to the Cross-College Research Proposals Review Group for final approval of decisions.

The membership of the GCRF Review Group is cross-Faculty and is as follows:

  1. Professor Nigel Brandon (Chair)  
  2. Professor Terry Tetley
  3. Professor Jeremy Woods
  4. Professor Erol Gelenbe
  5. Dr Michael Templeton