A Woman Studying by Fergus BurnettThe College advocates Peer Review as part of your grant application preparations. External funders usually include a Peer Review stage within their application process. To increase the chances of success, it is recommended that an independent review of the science case is undertaken by colleagues with appropriate expertise before a proposal is submitted.

PIs should discuss any specific Peer Review requirements with their Head of Department and Departmental Manager.

Peer Review is an important part of establishing a culture of openness and good scientific conduct where ideas can be shared, challenged and questioned to bolster the quality and innovative nature of the science. The College has comprehensive guidance on Research Integrity and expectations for good scientific conduct based on:

  • Rigour, Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect for Life, the Law and the Public Good
  • Responsible Communications: Listening and Informing

Further details and training information is available on the College’s Research Integrity webpages and a Research Culture Toolkit has been developed to support staff in the development of robust and ethically managed projects.