The College currently uses the InfoEd system to prepare and submit proposals for research funding bids, but this has recently relied on maintenance of obsolete ICT infrastructure.  The College has invested in a new Pre-Award Research Management System (PARMS) to replace InfoEd, called Worktribe.  Worktribe is a modern, highly performant system, which is expected to increase the efficiency and transparency of internal pre-award processes, particularly for internal and external multi-disciplinary collaborations.

As part of the PARMS project, development was completed by the supplier so that their standard product meets College requirements.  This was followed by development of numerous internal interfaces between Worktribe and other College systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

For maximum benefit, the number of staff members that will be able to create grant applications in Worktribe will be restricted to a small number of administrative pre-award experts (“super users”).  They will be responsible for creating, completing and checking all grant applications in Worktribe.  This will minimise the amount of administration required from academic staff, allowing them to focus more on teaching and research.  Further information can be found on the Information for Academic Staff page.

Summary timelines for the implementation are as follows:

 User Acceptance Testing  January
 Pilot Release  February - March
 e-Learning and Guidance  March - April
 Technical Preparations  April - May
 Go-Live  May - June
Summary of the table's contents

* The exact date will be finalised nearer the time.  It will be chosen to avoid coinciding with any key funder submission deadlines, which have not yet been published.


If you have any questions related to any aspect of the PARMS project, please contact the Research Office on