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The Research Governance  and Integrity Team  provides a robust structure for the authorisation and management of Imperial's healthcare and human impact research portfolio and provides researchers with support in navigating and meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance

  • The UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research imposes specific standards on those involved in healthcare research, either as clinicians, researchers, Chief Investigators, employers or support staff. Perhaps most fundamentally, there must be an identified sponsor for any research within the NHS or social care.

For all research the Research Governance and Integrity Team (RGIT) works towards research integrity in line with the College’s adoption of The Council for Science and technology's Universal Ethical Code for Scientists

The RGIT also provides two ethics committees for non-NHS Healthcare Research and additional human impact Research- Imperial College Research Ethics Committee (ICREC) and the Science, Engineering and Technology Research Ethics Committee (SETREC).

The RGIT have begun releasing Newsletters to provide necessary updates:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Internal Staff updates
  • Training Events
  • Website Updates
  • New/Updated Guidelines
  • Regulatory Updates

To view the most recent Newsletter, please click the hyperlink attached RGIT Newsletter - Dec 2023