Research Spend Reports access mirrors ICIS access i.e. only those projects which staff can view in ICIS can be viewed in the Research Spend Reports.

For any queries regarding which projects you can access, please consult your departmental finance and research team or the Research Services Administrator within your Research Support Team.

For any general queries about the Research Spend Reports please email the Research Spend Reports mailbox.


These dashboards are also available via mobile devices using free apps from the relevant store:


Monthly emails

Those with access to projects will receive an email on the first working day of every month as a reminder. The link to the dashboards is first thing in the email (1). Dashboards are available at all times and refreshed daily. The email will contain a link to guidance (2). The email will contain a snapshot of each of your projects including key financials. A link to download apps is also available if you prefer to access the Research Spend Reports on mobile devices (3). If you have any queries, you can simply reply to the email.