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Frequently asked questions

Can my research be published without ethical approval?

To publish any research findings in the UK you need to have sought approval from some kind of ethical body.

Do I need to complete the Notice of Amendment Form if I have made a non-substantial amendment?

Yes, please complete a Notice of Amendment Form and submit this to the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator.

How do I know if my study needs to be approved by the JRCO/ICREC /SETREC?

Take a look at our process map of Routes to ethics review (pdf) to see the routes to ethical approval for health-related research projects.

Must my application be signed off by my Head of Department?

Yes, this is to ensure that the HoD has approved of your research.

My research is being conducted on animals. Do I still need to gain approval from the ICREC/SETREC?

No, ICREC and SETREC do not consider animal-related research projects. Research involving animals can be reviewed by AWERB (Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body).

My study has already been approved but I have now decided to evaluate an additional aspect of research. Do I need to make a full new application?

No, but you should ensure that additional evaluations are formally acknowledged and accepted by the Committee by completing a Notice of Amendment form and sending it to the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator.

If you would like to ask a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator.

Who can I contact if I have a query regarding the application form?

Please contact the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator to discuss your queries.