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Welcome to our group!

Tackling mechanisms of complex biological machines requires a multidisciplinary approach, and we are a highly multidisciplinary and very collaborative team consisting of chemists, biochemists and physicists. Please click on our group members to find out more about what they do.

Alumni - where are they now ?

Independent Fellow

  • Dr. Enrico Salvadori (2015-18) - Enrico joined us first on a joint position with UCL and then as the EPR Facility Research Fellow. He now holds a lectureship at the University of Turin (Italy).


  • Dr. John Wright (2018-19) - John is now a PostDoc at Judy Hirst Group in Cambridge.
  • Dr. Nolwenn le Breton (2015-17) - Nolwenn now has a permanent CNRS research position (ingénieur de recherche) at the Chemistry Institute at the University of Strasbourg, which is part of the national French EPR platform.
  • Dr. Ana Maria Esteves (2016-17) - Ana is now a PostDoc at King's College London.

PhD students

  • Kaltum Abdiaziz (2016-20) - Dr. Kaltum is now PostDoc at Guy Hanke Group at QMUL.
  • Martina Cirulli (2015-19)
  • John Wright (2014-18)

Master students

  • Yara Van Ingen - Project in collaboration with Andy Ashley Group (2019-2020) - PhD student at Cardiff University.
  • Chrisline Thomas (2017-18), Inorganic Chemistry project prize 2018 - Chemistry teacher
  • Adam Suhaj (2016-17) - PhD student at King's College London
  • Chagish Gnanaranjan (2016-17)
  • Nilab Rashidi (2016-17)
  • Michelle Liu (2015-16)
  • Anokhi Shah (2014-15) - PhD student in EPR spectroscopy at the University of St. Andrew's
  • Hong Nhi Truong (2014-15)
  • Nicholas Pillay (2013-14)

BSc project students

  • Dilan Al (2017-18) - MRes Imperial College London

Summer students

  • Katrin Geng, Ulm University, Germany, DAAD RISE funded (2019)
  • Gemma McGuire, Imperial College London (2017) - returned as PhD student!
  • Chris Gusenda, University of Frankfurt, Germany, DAAD RISE funded (2017)
  • Camille Galateau, ESCOM (Ecole Normale de Chimie Organique et Minerale), Compiegne, France (2016)
  • Svenja Hehn, University of Konstanz, Germany, DAAD RISE funded (2016)
  • Sumeyye Altun, Bogazici University, Turkey, Erasmus + funded (2016)
  • Catalina-Andreea Romila, QMUL, RSC summer bursary (2014) - now a PhD student at UCL