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College booking system for meeting rooms

Planon (with Outlook integration) is the College-wide system for booking meeting rooms.

Who can book which rooms?

Rooms that are centrally managed are 'open' for all staff to book.

Rooms that are departmentally managed could be 'open' for all staff to book, in a 'shared' pool with other departments, or 'restricted' to staff in the department.  The name of the room indicates whether it is open, shared or only for the department.  Planon will only allow you to request rooms that you have permission to book.  In Outlook, the room will decline your invitation if you are not permitted to book it.

Adding rooms to the system

Etiquette for rooms

  • Follow the room etiquette when booking and using shared space across the College

How to find and book rooms

Using Outlook

Use Outlook when you are familiar with the rooms and their location.

Invite the room to a meeting.  The room will accept or decline.  The room is not booked unless it accepts your invitation, be sure to check your email replies. 

User guides:

All of the above guides offer guidance on creating and managing recurring bookings, which should be done with care.

Using Planon

Use Planon when you want to find and book a room you are not familiar with or if you are booking on behalf of someone else and do not want the booking in your Outlook calendar.

User guides:

 The College Room Finder in Planon is a useful tool for searching for information, using a wide range of criteria, across all shared space at College. The results will provide information including facilities, contact and booking details and accessibility information.