Risk Assessment Database And Register (RADAR) offer access to the Safety Department’s records for:

 The Safety Department receives daily RADAR Alerts of all the information changes made the day before.  We will then follow up with reviewing and approving as we currently do.

How Do I...?

Login to RADAR

It is recommended to bookmark this link to RADAR, as there is a timeout session on this site: http://www.imperial.ac.uk/ict/apps/radar

All full-time members of staff are automatically given access to RADAR and the following Self-service responsibilities:

  • My Records allows you to view and amend your activities.
  • The Personnel tab lets you see those registered under your activities. If you are the person registered you will see your certifications and activities record.
  • The Reports tab allows to you to filter off and create your own reports which can then be downloaded onto 3 different formats (excel, html or email).

View My Records

The Records tab will allow you to view and/or update all the risk assessments on RADAR.

To find and view an existing activity, you can either use the Search Function (1), or search the headings (2).  To view the activity click on the View details(3) 

radar 1

When viewing the activity, you will see the details of the activity (if you scroll down the page or select the tabs (red arrow) to see specific details), have access to download/upload the risk assessment or supporting document, and modify (blue arrow) the details of the activity.

radar 2

Register staff

Registering staff onto your activity


On you project/activity, go to Persons Registered tab, click Add person:

RADAR does not recognise the leading zero's, (e.g. '00'123344) at the beginning of staff CID numbers, remove these when entering in the search field.  You can add staff to you projects, by clicking on the personnel tab.

Enter their Start date and End date to keep a record of this person as having worked on your project.

radar 3


If the person should not have been listed on your activity, please email biosafety@imperial.ac.uk requesting they are removed from your activity.



The Personnel tab


As the PI/Person Responsible, you will only be able to view your own details here.

If you have Safety Officer user rights, this will allow you to view and update parts of the personnel information.   To find and view an existing member of staff, you can either use the Search Function (1), or search the headings (2).  To view the personnel details click on the edit tab (3): 

radar 4

When viewing the personnel details, you should see the following details: Personnel Details, Certifications, and Assigned Activities (1).  A primary and secondary emergency contact number field is available for staff to enter details into if they are working offsite/abroad (2).

radar 5

The Certification tab allows you to enter health clearance, vaccinations, or training records required to do the work.

radar 6The Assigned Activities tab allows you to add yourself/staff to different activities.  This can also be done on the activity itself however, if you are adding the personnel to more than one activity, this option allows you to do this on one page.

radar 7

Upload documents

You can upload the Risk Assessment Form/supporting documents using the Document Tab:

radar 12

You can download or upload a copy of the risk assessment from here:

radar 13

Connect activities

You may connect any of your activities if they are related.  This is particularly useful to use with the current Bio1 Form as merges three activities together (Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms, Biological Agents (Non GM), and Tissues, cells, body fluids or excreta), on RADAR they have to be entered as separate entries.  When entering them on RADAR, you can enter all the details (personnel, rooms, etc) on the main activity, the unique details (tissue, host, etc) on the other activity, and then connect them using this tab.

Connected activiesBy clicking on the Activity I.D, it will take you to that project.

Use the Reporting function

The Reports tab allows to you to filter off and create your own reports which can then be downloaded onto 3 different formats (excel, html or email).

Go to the reports tab, on the Navigation Bar on the left, select the Risk Details tab: 

radar 8

Select the type of report you would like to use, or begin with ‘All Columns’ and filter your search.  You can do this by using the titles across the top of table or using the search option: 

radar 9

You can save this report template you have filtered by selecting the ‘Advanced’ tab.  When you save your report, it will appear in the list of ‘My Reports’ tab:

radar 10

The Advance tab allows you to do other things, like downloading your reports in different formats and creating charts:

radar 11

I want to...?

Register a new activity

You have to be the Principal Investigator/Person Responsible to add a new activity or you have to set up a P.I. Delegate to do this on your behalf.  See ‘I want to…? Delegate others to my activity’ below.

Note for Bio1 Upload:  The current Bio1 form merges three activities together and on RADAR they have to be entered as separate entries in order of most hazardous:

1.    Genetically modified micro-organisms,
2.    Biological Agents (Non GM ), then
3.    Tissues, cells, body fluids or excreta. 

To avoid re-entering details in each RADAR entry, enter all the details (i.e. personnel, rooms, documents as well as host/vector/insert or Source details) on the most hazardous activity, the unique details, such as, tissue/cell origin and biological agent, on the other activities (without room, personnel etc…).  Then link them using the connected activity tab (see ‘Connected activity’).

To add a new activity, click on the ‘Add New Record’ tab on the top right hand corner or the tab in the left Navigation bar:

radar 15

This will allow you to select the activity type you would like to create:

radar 16

Once you have selected the activity type, the system will take you to the template to complete the Risk Details:

Complete the following:

  1. Principal Investigator/Person Responsible (remove leading zeroes if search with CID number)
  2. Copy and Paste the title from the form onto RADAR
  3. Activity Class/Containment Level/Derogation Applied/SAPO Group.

Select Save and follow the instructions in the pop up box to add further information

radar 17

You need to complete the following selections:

  1. Host/Vector/Inserts or Source Details
  2. Rooms
  3. Persons Registered
  4. Documents

The highlighted blue tabs will guide you throughout the process and an ‘Action Processed’ message will confirm the details have been saved when you click on the ‘Save’ or ‘Apply change’ tab.

radar 18

radar 19

Update an existing activity

When making these changes you have to upload an updated Risk Assessment.  

The Safety department receive a daily RADAR alert when changes and uploads are made.  This will then be reviewed and approved as usual.  Sections you are unable to modify are: ‘external body, ‘consent for work to process’ and ‘activity cessation’.

To edit the core ‘Activity Details’ (e.g. project title) select the ‘Modify’ tab.  To make changes in the other sections select the Edit Tab.

radar 18

The highlighted blue tabs will guide you throughout the process and an ‘Action Processed’ message will confirm the details have been saved when you click on the ‘Save’ or ‘Apply change’ tab.

radar 19

If you are making changes to sections on the Risk Assessment (e.g. Bio1 Form) that are not on RADAR, use the Notes Section to do this as below:

radar 21

Delegate others to update my activity

You may delegate a member of your staff to update and manage your activities on RADAR.  The person you choose to delegate can make changes to rooms, personnel, complete annual surveys, and the general details.  You cannot select what activities they have access to, as your delegate, they will have the same access as you.  You may delegate more than one person to manage your activities.

To delegate a member of you staff, go to the ‘PI Delegate’ tab, select ‘Create’, enter your surname or CID number (without the leading zero's) and search, do the same for the ‘Delegated Person’.  Select ‘Create’ to activate.  You may remove access by changing the ‘Active’ status to ‘No’.

radar 22

Please note:  If you are a new PI and uploading a new activity for the first time, you will need to log out and back in again to see the PI Delegate tab.

radar 32

I need help...?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the difference between a Legacy Risk Reference number and Activity I.D number?

A:  The Legacy Risk Reference was allocated to the project when they were registered on our previous database.  The Activity I.D is the project reference number generated by RADAR.  If there is a Legacy Risk Reference we will continue to use this.  If it is a new project, a new number will be generated and this will be used; the Legacy Risk Reference will be left blank.

Q:  What are legacy Host, Vector and Inserts?

A:  These are the details that were migrated over from the previous database.  In most cases they are still current.  If you add a new GMO you would begin by selecting Host 1, then Host 2 etc.

Q:  TIIC/DPIC/GMIC- what do these mean before the reference number, i.e. TIIC-2415?  

A:  TIIC- Tissue and Cells reference number.  DPIC- Dangerous Pathogens (Biological Agents-Non-GM) reference number.  GMIC- GM Organisms reference number.  The ‘IC’ is Imperial College.  This was used in our previous database when these activities were submitted on separate forms, now all on one Bio1 Form.

Q:  Why do I have more than one entry of the same project/activity?  

A:  The current Bio1 form merges three activities together (On Radar the information is recorded in this order: Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms, **Biological Agents (Non GM), and ***Tissues and Cells), on RADAR they have to be entered as separate entries.  They are linked by the connected activity tab.

Q:  Why do I have ‘Unknown’ Records?

A:  These are created when we receive Health Clearances for work that we have no record for.  We therefore create an entry and complete it with the information we have been given from Occupational Health and try to find out more about the work.  You should try to merge these with your existing activities where possible.

Q:  Can I review activities other than Deliberate use of GM Organisms and GM Animals and Plants, such as, Non-GM Biological Agents, Tissue and Cells, etc.?

A:  Yes.  The same review and approval process applies as the GM Annual Review.

Q:  Why is the start date for my staff 1952 or 2052?

A:  These were general dates used for migrating the data from our previous database that did not record start and end dates.

Q:  How do I search or add staff?

A:  You can search by their surname, first name (not full name e.g. John Smith) or CID number.  When searching by CID number remove any zero’s at the beginning of CID (e.g CID Number 0012345, should be entered in as 12345).

Q:  I cannot find a member of staff in the search box?

A:  If you have tried searching by surname, firstname and CID number (without leading 00’s), it is possible the member of staff has left, or they are new and the updated HR staff feed has not gone through to RADAR yet.

Q:  Can I upload any document relating to the activity?

A:  If it is related to the activity and is useful to you, RADAR can be used to store your documents.  This can be Word documents, pdf, jpegs, excel, etc.  The information and affiliated documents recorded on RADAR is in a secure database.


If you have any questions or need assistance using RADAR, please contact us at: biosafety@imperial.ac.uk