Risk Assessment Database And Register (RADAR) offer access to the Safety Department’s records for:

 The Safety Department receives daily RADAR Alerts of all the information changes made the day before.  We will then follow up with reviewing and approving as we currently do.

How Do I...?

Login to RADAR

It is recommended to bookmark this link to RADAR, as there is a timeout session on this site: http://www.imperial.ac.uk/ict/apps/radar

All full-time members of staff are automatically given access to RADAR and the following Self-service responsibilities:

  • My Records allows you to view and amend your activities.
  • The Personnel tab lets you see those registered under your activities. If you are the person registered you will see your certifications and activities record.
  • The Reports tab allows to you to filter off and create your own reports which can then be downloaded onto 3 different formats (excel, html or email).

View My Records

The Records tab will allow you to view and/or update all the risk assessments on RADAR.

To find and view an existing activity, you can either use the Search Function (1), or search the headings (2).  To view the activity click on the View details(3) 

radar 1

When viewing the activity, you will see the details of the activity (if you scroll down the page or select the tabs (red arrow) to see specific details), have access to download/upload the risk assessment or supporting document, and modify (blue arrow) the details of the activity.

radar 2

I need help...?


If you have any questions or need assistance using RADAR, please contact us at: biosafety@imperial.ac.uk