guide to fume cupboards

Infomation video

Duration: Approximately 15 Minutes
File Type: MP4 Video
Short Chapters:
1. Introduction
2. Fume Cupboard Types
3. Responsibilities
4. Selection
5. Energy Conservation
6. Installation & Commissioning
7. Use
8. Maintenance & Testing
9. Dealing with Emergencies

This fume cupboard information video is primarily aimed at the end user – the researcher or student working at the fume cupboard – though the subjects of installation, commissioning, maintenance and testing also receive some attention. The video utilises a combination of approaches including presenting directly to camera, acted scenes with voice-over, animated diagrams and slides with bullet-pointed information. A short video cannot provide all the information that there is to know on the subject. Rather, it outlines the basics for safe operation of fume cupboards, indicates where further information can be found and can be used to supplement other aspects of training such as specific on-the-job training. Departments may therefore incorporate this video into whatever training methods they have in place.

The principal learning objectives are:

  • To understand what a fume cupboard is, how it works and what different types of fume cupboards exist.
  • To understand the responsibilities of the fume cupboard user.
  • To be familiar with the principles of fume cupboard selection, the need for energy conservation and the means of minimising energy waste.
  • To be aware of installation requirements and have a basic grasp of the commissioning tests that a fume cupboard must undergo before it can be used.
  • To understand and be able to apply the basic principles of safe use.
  • To understand the legal requirement for fume cupboard maintenance and testing and the way in which the College discharges this duty.
  • To understand the generic rules that constitute emergency procedures – what to do when something goes wrong.