Describe what happened?

The water tap attached to the Fitotron in the Plant Growth chamber (Level 3, MRSH) became disconnected, resulting in the water from the tap spilling directly on to the floor. Estimated spill volume 200L.

What were the immediate cause(s)?

Water spillage.

What were the root cause(s)?

Not securing the equipment /inappropriate equipment used.

Describe the action taken

The water was stopped and cleaned up.

The SOP and RA for the procedure have been revised. It was accepted that the fitotron pipe should be secured with a jubilee clip, and the tap on the main pipe should be opened minimally to allow for water supply, but not to over pressurise pipes.

Meanwhile the responsible PI investigates the possibility to move to the DI water instead of the main supply.

Images (optional)


IN013262 - water tap attached to Fitotron disconnected