Health and Safety Structure and Responsibilities


1. The University is responsible for providing a healthy and safe environment for all its staff, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public who may take part in, or be affected by, the University's activities.

2. In accordance with the University's Policy Statement, health and safety duties, and the necessary authority and resources to discharge them, are delegated down the line management structure as appropriate. The College will also provide the necessary guidance and training to ensure that all concerned are aware of, and are competent to carry out, their responsibilities.

3. The Health and Safety Management Structure diagram demonstrates how this delegation works in practice. At each level in the Structure there is a reference to the paragraph that details the responsibilities and duties expected of a member of staff at that level.

4. To enable staff to carry out their responsibilities effectively the College's Health and Safety Management Structure includes the arrangements for support and guidance. These are provided by the Safety Department, the Occupational Health Service, the Security Department and the Fire Office.

5. Faculties, Departments and Divisions must also establish systems for the provision of operational support to line managers. This is provided by Faculty Operations Officers, Faculty Safety Managers, Departmental/ Divisional Safety Officers, etc. It should be stressed, however, that an important principle of the College's Safety Management System is that, although the responsibility for carrying out certain duties may be delegated, together with the authority and resources to carry them out, the person making the delegation is not absolved by this from his or her overarching responsibility. Thus, although a Head of Department/ Division may delegate certain responsibilities to Heads of Section, and may be advised by staff from the Safety Department and by the Departmental/ Divisional Safety Officer, the Head remains responsible for the management of health and safety in his or her Department/ Division and for the safety of all the staff reporting to him or her.