Classroom with students

Connecting medical education with the community

Society and our health system demand a radical rethink of how the future medical workforce is being prepared to meet the urgent needs of an ageing and diverse population with widening societal inequity and increasingly scarce resources.

Medical education has a responsibility to develop doctors who can work beyond the knowledge of textbooks, acquiring expertise in the complex biopsychosocial nature of health and illness, skills to lead a health system in the midst of a digital revolution and austerity, and values to deliver holistic and compassionate care within all sectors of our society.

The Undergraduate Primary Care Education Team is proud to launch MEdIC, a translational centre bringing cutting-edge evidence from health, education, community and policy into medical education innovations and research, that have a positive and sustainable impact on our society.

Through their innovative approach, MEdIC innovatively brings together evidence-based medical education, societal engagement and the needs of our health system, where students learn the art and craft of medicine in the heart of local communities, through meaningful service in partnership with those most in need.

MEdIC is also working with a number of national and international collaborators and is able to provide consultancy in Medical Education.