A row of public bikes in London


The focus of this work is to identify effective interventions to increase active travel (walking, cycling and public transport) as a means of increasing physical activity levels, reducing overweight, decreasing air pollution and contributing to a low carbon future globally. 

Research focus

  • Identifying effective interventions to increase active travel
  • Learning from natural experiments conducted internationally to increase active travel

Research topics

Country focus: England, Brazil, India

Project example

Our examination of commute mode and health over 25 years used data from the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study of England and Wales, which linked the Census of England and Wales for 1991, 2001, and 2011 to mortality and cancer registrations. It found that people who cycled to work were at reduced risk of death and those who walked to work had a reduced risk of cancer. This contributes to our knowledge by having a longer term follow up than many other studies.