The Self-Care Matrix is a unifying framework for conceptualising the totality of self-care and its various interlinked dimensions. This Matrix can be used as a lens by which to view, identify, study and evaluate various discrete aspects of self-care in any health and wellbeing intervention, independent of the disease category or setting.

The mid-level descriptions and the visual schema illustrate the inter-relationship between each of the four cardinal dimensions of self-care and render this model easily accessible to a wide audience. 

The Self-Care Matrix signals a new point of departure for self-care thinking and can be used as a common ground between all stakeholders interested in advancing the study, practice, development, commissioning, and evaluation of self-care initiatives. The Matrix is the cornerstone of the Self-Care Evaluation Framework (SCEF) which can evaluate a variety of self-care, lifestyle medicine, social prescribing and workplace health promotion initiatives.

Self-care matrix