SAPC SE Regional Meeting 2023: Health Equity for People and Planet


Undergraduate Primary Care Education at Imperial College London hosted the South-East Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Academic Primary Care 2023

The conference took place online on Thursday 26 January.

The theme was Health Equity for People and Planet and we welcomed Prof Mala Rao, OBE and Dr Aarti Bansal as our keynote speakers. 

SAPC Early Career Researcher Award

The SAPC Early Career Researcher prize was awarded to Dr Sarah Pocknell for the oral presentation on Making visible the hidden work of medicines talk in primary care medication reviews. 

St George's, Univeristy of London will be hosting the next SAPC SE conference in 2024.


9.30am  Welcome and Introduction        Dr Arti Maini & SAPC co-chair Dr Duncan Shrewsbury  
9.40am Keynote         Prof Mala Rao, OBE Imperial College London Primary Care & Public Health
10.15am Break 
10.25am Parallel oral presentations
11.25am Break
11.35am Workshops
12.25pm Lunch
1.30pm Keynote       Dr Aarti Bansal, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare 
2.05pm  Parallel oral presentations
3.05pm  Global students presentations
3.25pm  Close from Dr Arti Maini

Closed PHoCuS meeting (invited members only)

Closed HoTs and HoDs meeting (invited members only)

Parallel sessions (10.25am-11.25am)

Stream 1: Sustainable Healthcare

Making visible the hidden work of medicines talk in primary care medication reviews Sarah Pocknell QMUL
Navigating the Boundaries of Health and Identity: A Qualitative Study of Medical Students Sandra Danso-Bamfo Imperial
Inclusion of MDT working in undergraduate healthcare curricula: similarities and differences between professions Victoria Collin Imperial
Helping medical undergraduate students to understand healthcare costs Judith Ibison St George's

Stream 2: Health inequity

What impact has the COVID-19 Pandemic had on antibiotic prescribing within General Practices in England? Olivia Burke King's
Hypertension in the time of COVID-19: Blood pressure control was maintained during the pandemic and so were pre-existing health inequities Stuart Rison QMUL
Contraception – Views and Experiences of Trans, Nonbinary and Gender-Diverse people in Canada Tyne Cairns UCL
Inequalities in the attendance and effectiveness of behavioural weight management interventions for adults in the UK: An individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis Jack Birch Cambridge

Stream 3: Digital health

Exploring perceptions about the potential deployment of Artificial Intelligence within the English NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme Lakshmi  Chandrasekaran St George's
Influences on patient uptake and engagement with the NHS Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme: a qualitative interview study Jamie Ross QMUL
Health Inequalities in kiDney Disease, mEeting the urgent Need to identify early disease in high-risk communities: A feasibility study of home albuminuria testing in people with high Blood Pressure (HIDDEN-BP) Kathryn Griffiths King's
Patient, Carer and Professional perspectives on the opportunities and challenges for REMOte CARE (REMO CARE) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – A qualitative study   Ratna Sohanpal QMUL

Stream 4: Preventable and Public Health

Is naturally occurring prebiotic Lactoferrin an acceptable alternative to antibiotic/antifungal tablets for women with bacterial vaginosis or thrush?   Nilofer Dayal St George's
Determinants of lipid lowering medication prescribing in a multi-ethnic adult population diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolaemia in South London Aya Ayoub King's
Perspectives on atrial fibrillation screening: a qualitative analysis of media and social media representations  Katy Horder Cambridge
What we know about the barriers and facilitators of self-management of multiple long-term conditions in those experiencing socioeconomic deprivation: a qualitative systematic review Abigail Woodward UCL

Workshops (11.35am-12.25pm)


Decolonising a curriculum - Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Health Mayra Salazar Volkmann, Alice Haoyue Guo, Julia Bailey UCL
Effective Community Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges Stephanie Powell, Naa Okantey Imperial
How can we tackle the hidden curriculum around general practice careers at medical school? Agalya Ramanathan Imperial
Not a health repair shop – Interactive learning on population health and health inequalities See Chai Carol Chan, Zahra Arzoky Imperial
Actionable insights to address inequalities through general practice John Ford, Ben Jackson QMUL/Cambridge
Health equity – teaching medical students Dev Gadhvi, Rohini Sabherwal QMUL

Parallel sessions (2.05pm-3.05pm)

Stream 1: Health inequity and Community involvement

Ethnic disparities in consultations for anxiety and depression in primary care Jamie Scuffell King's
The impact of COVID on Relationships and Sex Education teaching in English Secondary Schools: a qualitative analysis Corrina Horan UCL
Time for a new community conversation: breaking away from traditional forms of patient and public engagement Zahra Arzoky Imperial 
Implementation of risk stratification within bowel cancer screening: A community jury study exploring public acceptability and communication needs  Lily Taylor Cambridge

Stream 2: Equality Diversity Inclusion

Decolonising the second-year medical curriculum: using novel general practice scenarios at a simulated consultation day Mydhili Radhalakshmi King's
How do social networks influence mental health-seeking behaviour in women from ethnic minority groups? A systematic review Shreya Sabberwal UCL
Breast, Prostate, Colorectal, and Lung Cancer Incidence and Risk Factors in Sexual Minority Women and Men: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analysis using UK Biobank  Sarah Underwood Cambridge
Simulation Scenario as Story: Findings from a Narrative Review Jacqueline  Driscoll St George's

Stream 3: Health outcomes and perspectives

Life, Death and Dying: How Do Relatives, Caregivers and Primary Care Clinicians Evaluate in Retrospect the Management of Acute Health Care Crises with Uncertain Outcomes in Very Frail People? Jens Foell Imperial 
Primary care practitioners’ experiences of cancer care reviews: A qualitative study Dipesh Gopal QMUL
Exploring ethnic variations in the risk of infections presenting to primary and secondary care in people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes: a matched cohort study  Tess Harris St George's
Intersections between emotional distress and hospital discharge for people living with dementia (PLWD): a qualitative study with family carers Malvi Shah UCL