Academic and research staff
NameTitleResearch topicsPhoto
Dr Arkhat Abzhanov Reader in Evolution and Developmental Genetics    Arkhat Abzhanov
Dr Cristina Banks-Leite Lecturer Community and landscape ecology  Banks-Leite
Professor Tom Bell Professor of Microbial Ecology Ecology and evolution of microbial communities Bell
Professor Martin Bidartondo Professor in Molecular Ecology   Martin Bidartondo
Dr Martin Brazeau Senior Lecturer Evolution of modern vertebrate anatomy  Brazeau
Professor Austin Burt  Professor of Evolutionary Genetics Population genetic engineering and malaria vectors Burt
Dr Lauren Cator Senior Lecturer Behavioural ecology of disease vectors  Cator
Dr Rob Ewers Reader in Ecology Deforestation and field experiments Ewers
Dr Matteo Fumagalli Lecturer in Quantitative Evolution   Matteo Fumagalli
Dr Richard Gill Senior Lecturer  Insect ecology and evolution
Dr Samraat Pawar Reader in Theoretical Ecology Systems biology and theoretical ecology Pawar
Dr Will Pearse Senior Lecturer in Applied Ecology    
Professor Colin Prentice AXA Chair in Biosphere and Climate Impacts Climate dynamics and biosphere and atmosphere interactions   Prentice
Dr Emma Ransome Lecturer    
Professor Vincent Savolainen Professor of Organismic Biology Biodiversity genomics  Savolainen
Dr Julia Schroeder Senior Lecturer   Julia Schroeder
Dr Joseph Tobias Reader in Biodiversity and Ecosystems   Joe Tobias
Dr Mike Tristem  Reader in Evolutionary Virology Viral evolution Tristem
Dr Bonnie Waring Senior Lecturer Ecological interactions that control flows of carbon among plants, soils, the atmosphere and carbon sequestration in tropical forests  
Professor Guy Woodward Professor of Ecology, Deputy HoD, Silwood Park Food webs and ecological networks, and aquatic ecosystems  Woodward
Professor Alfried Vogler Professor of Molecular Systematics   Alfried Vogler
ReadersAcademic staff Silwood Campus
Affiliated Faculty
NameTitleResearch topicsPhoto
Professor Andy Purvis Research Investigator (Associate with Natural History Museum London) Biodiversity and extinction   Andy Purvis
Professor Jason Tylianakis Professor in Ecology and Biodiversity (Associate with University of Canterbury, New Zealand)   Tylianakis
Professor Denis Wright  Professor of Insecticide Resistance Sustainable pest management Wright
Academic staff Silwood Campus
NameTitleResearch topicsPhoto
Dr Emma Cavan IC Research Fellow Marine carbon cycle, biogeochemistry, ecology, climate change and fishing Dr Emma Caven
Dr Magda Charalambous  Principal Teaching Fellow Sexual selection and population differentiation in insects Charalambous
Dr Vassiliki Koufopanou  Research Fellow Microbial genetics and evolution Koufapanou
Dr David Orme  Teaching Fellow Biodiversity and climate change Orme
Dr James Rosindell NERC Fellow Theoretical ecology and evolution Rossindell
Dr Chris Wilson NERC Fellow Causes and consequences of obligately asexual evolution  Wilson
Dr Oliver Windram NERC Fellow   Windram
Dr Peter Graystock Imperial College Research Fellow Ecosystems and the Environment  Peter
Academic staff Silwood Campus
Honorary staff
NameTitleResearch topicsPhoto
Professor Miguel Araujo Visiting Professor Biogeography, conservation planning, global change biology, and macroecology Araujo
Professor John Beddington CMG, FRS Honorary Principal Research Fellow    
Professor Mick Crawley FRS  Emeritus Professor of Plant Ecology Ecological field experiments and theory Crawley
Professor Charles Godfray FRS Honorary Principal Research Fellow    
Professor Michael P Hassell CBE FRS Honorary Principal Research Fellow    
Professor Russ Lande FRS Emeritus Professor of Population Biology Evolutionary and ecological theory, and conservation  Russ Lande
Professor E J Milner-Gulland  Visiting Professor Conservation science, ecosystem services Milner-Guilland
Professor Hugh Possingham  Visiting Professor  Pure and applied population ecology Hugh Possingham
Dr Michael Themis Honorary Lecturer     Michael Themis
Professor Tim Barraclough Visiting Professor  Evolution of species diversity  Tim Barraclogh
Dr Aurelio Malo Honorary Lecturer Evolution of phenotypic and life-history traits in mammals  Aurelio Malo
Academic staff Silwood Campus