SPIN-Lab includes a wide range of equipment to study and manipulate spins.

Strong coupling

SQUID-based magnetometer

The magnetometer can measure ultra-low fields down to 10-8 emu thanks to a superconducting quantum interference device. It operates at 2-1000 K and includes high p and alternating fields.

Magnetic force microscopy

An existing atomic force microscope will be upgraded with a variable in-plane magnetic field ranging over at least +/- 7000 G.

Ferromagnetic resonance

An additional probe will be be acquired for a PPMS, with field and frequency ranges of 4-400K, 0-8T and 2-40 GHz respectively.

Weak coupling


Complementing the current NMR facility, the Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) probe for solid state NMR can explore totally amorphous, crystalline or anisotropic materials to provide unique structural information at an atomic-scale resolution.

EPR spectrometer

This tool can study any system with unpaired electrons by applying a magnetic field to separate the spins. We have a 9 GHz/0.3 T (X-band) Bruker E500 spectrometer that operates in CW mode, with possibility to measure down to temperatures of 2K.