Exterior bike rack

A range of facilities, tools and support are available to keep your bicycle safe on campus

Need help?

The Security team are on hand to support you in keeping your bike safe. If you need to reach them, the SafeZone app is the quickest and most efficient way. Contact numbers by campus are available on the Security website.

Storing your bicycle on campus

A variety of bicycle stores are available across our campuses so that you have a place to store your bike during the day.  

Registering for access

Some of our bicycle stores are access-controlled and you will need to register for access before using them - a list of which require registration is below. 

If you do need to register, you will need to submit the bike storage registration form. You'll need your frame number; this is normally stamped on the frame by the pedals. If there is no frame number you can email Nigel Ward, asking for your frame to be engraved. Once this has been done, you can register your bike. 

Long-term storage

Imperials bike parking facilities are not for long term storage. If you need to leave your bike secured for more than a continuous three-week period you must inform the South Kensington Security Control room who will make note of this.

Between July and September, notices will be affixed to all bicycles on our campus to determine which ones have been left behind by students or staff who have left. After one month, if these notices are still on any of the bikes, the bikes will be removed and donated to Imperial College Union for their annual bike auction that takes place in October. Any bikes that are not claimed during this process will be donated to a charity.

This ensures that space is available for new arrivals and ensures that abandoned bikes find new homes.

Where to store your bicycle

Bicycle stores for students and staff

LocationType of storage/accessSpaces (approx.)
South Kensington    
Beit Quadrangle Sheffield stands, covered 70
Blackett Sheffield stands, not covered - registration required 240
Faculty Building Semi-upright stands, covered - registration required 590
Faculty Building surrounding area Sheffield stands, not covered 176
Faculty Building double stacking units Double stacking units 102
RCS1 Sheffield stands, not covered 144
Southside Semi-upright stands, covered - registration required 150
Charing Cross    
Reynolds Building External racks 100
Parsons House Secure storage - registration required 68
B-Block South (Old U-Block) Secure storage - registration required 89
North Acton    
Kemp Porter Buildings Secure storage - registration needed  
Woodward Buildings Secure storage - registration needed
Royal Brompton    
Emmanuel Kaye Building Inner courtyard, no racks n/a
Guy Scadding Building External racks, not covered 16
White City    
Main car park (next to GradPad) External racks, not covered  
I-HUB Cycle hoops, not covered  

The College accepts no liability for loss or damage to your bicycle. You are strongly recommended to follow the security guidance provided below.

Bicycle stores for visitors

Whilst our cycle stores are for staff and students, visitors to campus can use one of our cycle lockers. These are based in two locations:

  • Unwin Road, adjacent to Skempton Building
  • Armstrong Road, opposite Flowers Building

Booking in advance: Departments can book visitor lockers in advance by contacting the Car Park Booking Office and providing an account code. No deposit will be required. Visitors can then pick up a key from the Security gatehouse in Imperial College Road; visitors will be required to leave contact details and the name of the person they are visiting.

On demand: If no booking has been made, keys can be picked up from the Security gatehouse for a maximum of 24 hours; a £10 deposit is required.

The College accepts no liability for loss or damage to your bicycle. You are strongly recommended to take out appropriate insurance cover.

Keeping your bicycle safe

Use an approved lock

Always use a high-quality 'Sold Secure' lock. ABUS 'D' bike locks can be bought at the Security Office in Sherfield Building - these normally retail for around £95 but are available to staff and students for £45. 

Register and insure

You should always register your bicycle at the National Cycle Database, and ensure you note down the make, model, serial number and any other identifying features. We also highly recommend that you insure your bike with the appropriate cover.

Keep vigilant

When accessing secured bike stores, ensure that no one enters behind you. If you are unsure of their identity, ask to see their ID card or contact Security.