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AB - In this work, a transducer placement scheme based on wave propagation is proposed, which enhances damage localisation. The method was tailored to seek an optimal transducer network placement for a delay and sum damage detection algorithm. The proposed method determines a coverage index map and utilises a genetic algorithm to determine an optimal transducer network. It can also minimise the impact of faulty transducers, incorporate the effect of stiffeners and different damage types. The method is initially verified using numerically simulated signals. The optimal network outperformed the suboptimal for detection of holes and debonding in a stiffened panel. It is also shown that the coverage index reflected the localisation accuracy. The method is then validated with experimental results and the generated optimal transducer network compared with a suboptimal arrangement. The optimal network is shown to locate an actual crack with significantly higher accuracy than the suboptimal arrangement.
AU - Salmanpour,MS
AU - Sharif,Khodaei Z
AU - Aliabadi,MH
DO - 10.1002/stc.1898
PY - 2016///
SN - 1545-2255
TI - Transducer placement optimisation scheme for a delay and sum damage detection algorithm
T2 - Structural Control and Health Monitoring
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VL - 24
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