SMASH (Smart Methodologies and multilevel/multiscale Analysis of composite stiffened panel for Structural Health monitoring, Cleansky I, GRA, 400k€) : The concept of sensorised structures for the purpose of damage detection and recording changes of strain fields is of growing interest to reduce the maintenance activities as well as to improve the aircraft safety. The general objective of this proposal was to develop effective computational tools for the development and manufacturing of aircraft flat stiffened composite sensorised composite structure for impact damage detection as outlined in CfP-JTI-CS-2009-1-GRA-01-005.  Different SHM methods for Piezoceramics and Fibre Optics sensors will be developed. During SMASH, The following capabilities have been developed:

•Smart computational methodologies to accurately simulate the sensing/actuating of a smart panel;
•Damage detection methods based on Lamb waves and Electro-mechanical Impedance;
•Optimum sensor layout methodology (i.e. number and location of sensors), using smart FE, test data and optimisation techniques;. 
•A neural network for impact detection. Localization and characterization using test results and smart FE;
•Generation of response functions and metamodels using the neural network and smart FE for passive sensing;
•A multilevel analysis of stiffened composite panel
•Multiscale modelling of woven composites and multiscale/multilevel environment for modelling material degradation and damage;
•Validation through test data.

The above innovative developments forms validated methodologies of high relevance to Aeronautical industry.