Information relevant to students registered on postgraduate taught programmes and affected by COVID-19 can be found below. 

PG Guidance

Registration Extensions

We want to support you so that you can successfully complete your studies.

Departments have considered remote delivery of courses and in many cases these arrangements have been put in place.

Different courses will have different arrangements and your department will be in touch with you directly to let you know which options are relevant and to provide further advice.

For further information, you can read the full College policy

Interruptions of study

I’m currently on interruption of study – what do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything.

Your student record will be updated 4 weeks before you are due to return to your studies, which will enable to you re-enrol via My Imperial. If you cannot access My Imperial, please contact the Registry systems team who will be able to help you.

If you are due to return from an interruption that was taken for health reasons, or you are due to return from a suspension, then your department will be in touch with you to discuss this as we may need evidence to show that you are fit to resume your studies.

If you haven’t heard from your department by 4 weeks before your planned return date from a health interruption or a suspension, please contact your departmental administrator.

 Please note that an interruption of studies usually lasts for a full year.

I want to take an interruption of studies to work on a research project related to COVID-19 or to return to clinical practice – what do I need to do?

Please speak to your personal tutor, postgraduate tutor, senior tutor, or other member of department staff to discuss this in the first instance. An interruption of studies needs approval from your department. If the department approves the request they will need to notify the Student Records team within Registry.

Remote Assessment

We are delivering all written examinations remotely. This includes all formal written examinations in the Summer Term. Where it is not possible to deliver exams remotely they will be rescheduled. 

Do you have questions about how online assessments are being done at Imperial? Our FAQS on online assessments has lots of specific guidance, including equipment, resits, and wellbeing support.

Please see the latest policy documents on remote assessments (pdf)

Safety Net Policy

What is the Safety Net Policy?

The new policy means that if you pass the year, your remote assessments will not have a negative impact on your overall degree result. However, if you perform well, they can bring your average grade up.

How will my marks for this year be calculated?

Your marks will initially be calculated based on the results of all your assessments this academic year. Exam boards will compare these marks across students from your cohort and with marks from previous years. As usual, mark adjustments and scaling will be applied if appropriate. This process will result in a set of module marks for the 2019-20 academic year for each student, which are combined to give an average mark for the year.

This average mark is then combined with the degree weighted marks from your previous years of study (if applicable) to produce a degree weighted average mark.

The safety net will then be applied to individual students as appropriate.

I’m a postgraduate taught student – how will it apply to me?

As these programmes have different assessment models and different professional body requirements to comply with, the policy will be applied in a different way in each programme.

If you are on a one-year programme and you do not have enough marks recorded before 13 March 2020 to use, your department will aim to award you an average mark for the year based on the process above. We are exploring other options where this is not possible or appropriate.

We are working with your departments to find other ways of delivering project work, field trips, placements, and other types of coursework. We are also exploring whether we are able to extend the length of some programmes so that some elements can be completed on campus.

If your programme is extended and you wish to complete it on time, we will offer the option of a PG Diploma and PG Certificate, if you have met the relevant requirements.

Do I need to do anything to have the Safety Net Policy applied to my marks?

No. Your department will consider each individual student’s marks and will apply the policy where appropriate.

How can I access more detail about the policy?

You can view the full Safety Net Policy.

What happens if I don’t pass the year?

You will have the right to resit assessments as usual. We are working on how resits will take place this year.