Please ensure you have a valid examination entry, see the Examination Entry Form page for details.

Thesis Submission & Vivas

Thesis Submission

‌Once you have submitted your examination entry forms, you will be told when your entry has been processed and advised of the next stages.  Please note: you are required to submit your thesis by your submission deadline, regardless of whether you have been contacted by Registry or not at this stage.

The regulations regarding thesis submission are different depending on whether you are registered for an Imperial College or University of London degree. 

If you began your registration in or after October 2007 then you are automatically registered for an Imperial College degree. 

If your start date is before this date and you are unsure which degree you are registered for then you can check this by logging into Student e-Service and clicking on the ‘Course Information' tab.

Please read the relevant submission requirements carefully to ensure you submit in the correct format.

When you submit your thesis, you should make sure that you also email  the relevant copy of the Thesis Declaration Form directly to the Registry:

If you have any further queries, please see the eThesis FAQs [pdf], or the Success Guide.


Once you have submitted your thesis, the Registry will ensure that copies are provided to your examiners, in advance of your viva examination.

Your supervisor, or another member of staff in your department/division, will be responsible for organising the viva and making all the necessary arrangements.

When your viva has taken place, you may be informed of the outcome by the examiners. You may be asked to make some minor corrections to your thesis before submitting the final copies and being awarded your degree.

See the Success Guide for more advice.



Final Thesis Submission

Research students registered for an Imperial College degree:

  • Your final thesis must be submitted online by uploading to Spiral (the College’s digital repository).
  • Please note that your submission will be checked by Research Degrees before being released to the Spiral team in the library, and your thesis will only be made available publicly on expiry of any agreed embargo.
  • Bound copies of the thesis and copies on CD are no longer required. You do not need to submit any additional forms at final submission stage, so long as you have already submitted your Thesis Declaration Form. 

Research students registered for a University of London degree should refer to the guidance document under Thesis Submission at the top of this page.


  • Hard bound copies of the final thesis are no longer required.
  • Students registered for an Imperial College degree must submit the examination copies through eThesis (please refer to the guidance document under Thesis Submission at the top of this page).
  • The list of available binders provided here may be useful for students registered for a University of London degree or any student who wishes to have copies of their final thesis hard bound for themselves, their supervisor, etc: List of Binders‌ [pdf]

Award & Certificate

Once you have submitted the final thesis and your examiners have agreed that they are satisfied, the Registry will write to you confirming the award of your degree. 

Your degree certificate will be issued after this date. 

Embargoes and access to theses by other scholars 

A key outcome of a research programme leading to the award of a PhD, EngD, MPhil or MD Res degree is the accessibility of the thesis embodying that research for the benefit of scholars and the public generally. A research candidate might also publish material generated from their research in the form of a paper in a journal.

For more information on thesis storage and embargoes, please see Access to Research Degree Thesis by Other Scholars [pdf] or visit the Scholarly Communications team website.