If you have a serious problem affecting your study, coursework, or examinations, you must ensure that you inform both your Personal Tutor and the Senior Tutor as soon as possible.

 A wide variety of things can be considered in mitigation, from health issues (physical or mental, acute or chronic) to bereavement or financial hardship.

If something out of your control affects your ability to study or to take assessments then it may be considered as a mitigating circumstance.


  • If these circumstances affect examinations or other assessments, you should submit a mitigating circumstances form to your department within 10 working days or 14 calendar days of the assessment or coursework submission deadline
  • The form must be supported by appropriate documentation. A medical certificate is essential where illness affects an exam – telling someone afterwards is not sufficient
  • Please contact the Undergraduate Education Manager or Senior Tutor if a problem arises on the day of an exam

Please note:

  • The College Health Centre cannot certify an illness if you have not been seen at the Health Centre during the illness
  • The College Student Counselling Service can only provide a letter on request if you already attend counselling
  • The College Disability Advisory Service can only help students to obtain appropriate evidence of disability prior to examinations taking place and are not able to certify for absences due to disability

Mitigating circumstances policy and procedure [pdf]

Mitigating circumstances claim form [doc]

For independent support and advice, please contact the Imperial College Union Advice Centre.