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My Imperial is the College student portalm home for applications that support you with your work or study at Imperial. You can access My Imperial by using your College login.

When you join as a new student at Imperial, you will need to login to My Imperial and complete your online College registration and enrol on your programme of study. You will need to re-enrol annually at the start of each academic year. Enrolment opens thirty days before your programme start date, for the majority of student this will be in September.

During the enrolment process you will be asked to review and update any changes to your personal details. As part of this process you will be asked to provide details of an emergency contact for Imperial to use in the instance there is concern for your life or the life of others. You will be asked to provide consent on an opt-in basis that gives Imperial permission to use your emergency contact details if we have serious concerns about your wellbeing. Careful consideration will alwasys be taken before using your emergency contact details, nomally by your Faculty Senior Tutor and Student Services. You should inform your given contact that you will be sharing their contact details with Imperial for emergency purposes.

You can access My Imperial at any time throughout your studies to update your details.

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My student status

You can access a range of official documents confirming your current registration status or your registration and attainment history from My Imperial, the College student portal.

During the course of your degree programme, you may want to request a programme transfer, apply for a study abroad programme or request a temporary interruption of studies. This could result in a change to your registration status.  It is important that you discuss any change in registration with your Personal Tutor, Senior Tutor or Supervisor. They will ensure that you receive the right advice and support to help you make an informed decision.

Study abroad programmes

Some students will have the opportunity to study abroad during their time at Imperial. If you are on a study abroad programme you remain registered as a student at Imperial.

Study abroad info

Preparing for study abroad

If you are eligible for a study abroad programme your department will be able to guide you through the application process. A member of staff, usually an Exchange Programme Coordinator, will keep you informed of available opportunities, the process for planning, preparing and taking a study abroad placement and your responsibilities and those of Imperial and your placement provider.

Support while you're away

While you’re away, you’re still enrolled as a student at Imperial and your department is always responsible for managing your placement. Your partner institution will have support services that you will be able to make use of during your time abroad. As you are still a registered student at Imperial you are free to contact Imperial's support services should you wish to speak to someone.

Returning from study abroad

Your home department contact will guide you through the steps you need to take before leaving your study abroad placement and when returning to Imperial. It’s important to obtain a copy of your transcript from your host institution before you return to the UK and submit it to your department as soon as possible. If you have any enquires about transcripts you can contact the Student Hub.