Technical support FAQs

The Learning doesn't launch because pop-ups are blocked

The Learning for each module is hosted in an interactive learning environment that launches in a pop-up new window. If you are unable to launch the Learning environment when you click on it, follow the two steps below:

  • First try to manually launch the new window using a prompt on your screen.
  • Enable pop-ups, following instructions for your specific browser.

I can't access the End of Module Quizzes

You need to complete the Learning for each module to access the End of Module Quiz. Your completion of the learning is marked once you have navigated through all of the content pages. You need to use the right arrow on the last page of the Learning for the completion to count. If you close the browser window before navigating to the end of the Learning, your completion of the Learning won't be recorded. Go back to it and click the final right arrow to rectify this.

I can't see the course on Blackboard

If you can't access the course by following the direct link, try looking for it in your course list. Make sure that you're looking at 'Autumn 2023-2024' courses. If you still can't find it there, try searching for 'Consent Matters' in the Course Catalogue and enrolling yourself. If you're still unable to access the course after following these steps, email us on

It still says 'Course Incomplete'

To have your completion of the course registered, you need to achieve 100% in all 3 End of Module Quizzes. Don't worry - you have unlimited attempts at each quiz. You can check your current score for each quiz by going to the 'Gradebook' from the top menu - the 'Overall Grade' must be 15/15.

If you go to the Gradebook and it looks like you have 15/15 as your Overall Grade, and you still see 'Course Incomplete', then contact us on

I haven't been directly invited, can I still do the course?

Yes! Search for 'Consent Matters' in the Blackboard Course Catalogue and enrol yourself. If you are unable to self-enrol, email us at and we will happily do this for you.

Consent Matters FAQs

Have questions about the course? Maybe they'll be answered below. If you still have any questions about the course, why we're doing it, or the work the team does, please email

Course FAQ

I already know about all this, why should I do the course?

In order to create a safe and respectful community, it's important that everyone is on the same page about how we relate to and treat each other. The Consent Matters course makes sure that everyone has the same baseline understanding of what consent is, why it's important, how to communicate in relationships, and how to look after each other. Even if you think you know this all already, you'll be playing your part in building a positive community by completing the course.

I don't plan to have sex, is the course still useful?

Yes. The course explores the ways in which you can communicate this decision to others, and provides tools and ideas for taking an active role in preventing harassment in the Imperial community. It also will help you build confidence to call out unacceptable behaviours and define boundaries with others.

I want to get involved

Your Students' Union, Imperial College Union have an student-led campaign group ICUsToo tackling sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic abuse. Go to their website to find out more and get actively involved