A short video introduction to the Consent Matters course

Information for Staff

Consent Matters is an award-winning online programme created by experts and used by Universities to support the development of a positive consent culture on campus. Consent Matters is part of Imperial's work to prevent sexual misconduct and harassment and provide a safe and respectful environment for all staff, students and visitors to the College. 

Consent Matters is delivered through Epigeum, an organisation that began its life with Imperial and is now part of Oxford University Press. Other institutions using the Consent Matters programme include Oxford, Kings College London, Durham, Queen Mary UoL, Manchester and York.

The course is being administered by our Student Services team as part of the College's Welcome activities, alongside our other services including Report+Support, Student Harassment Support Contacts and Sexual Violence Liaison Officers. If students contact you with any questions or concerns about Consent Matters please refer them to the email consentmatters@imperial.ac.uk This account is monitored by a limited number of the Student Services team and all emails will be handled confidentially, sensitively and swiftly. 

All incoming students are expected to complete this module within the first few weeks following registration. They are being sent information about the course via email which provides everything they need to register for and access the course. 

We know that there may be some students who have experiences of sexual violence and may not feel able to access this content in a healthy way at this time. We've set up an opt-out process so that we can make sure these students don't receive any further email communications about the module from us. They will be sent some information about the specialist support we have at Imperial. We will also be offering a 'Survivors' Consent workshop' to any students who opt-out. This will be a session faciliatated by experts to allow students to meet peers with similar experiences, talk about how to navigate university, relationships and sexual consent as a survivor of sexual violence. 

If you would like to access the module to see what students will be covering, or if you have any other questions about this activity contact consent-matters@imperial.ac.uk