Every Imperial hall of residence has an experienced team of staff and senior students who are there to ensure that your hall is a great place to live and provide advice if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty. As well as supporting day-to-day life in your hall, there is a member of the team on duty overnight and at weekends who can help you if you experience and emergency.

Who's who?

Wardens and Assistant Wardens

Your Hall Warden is an experienced member of Imperial staff who has overall responsibility for the safety and welfare of residents. They work closely with Student Services and other staff across the College to ensure that if you experience a problem, you receive the right support and advice. Some halls of residence also have an Assistant Warden, who supports the Warden with the day-to-day running of the hall.


Sub-Wardens are PhD students who live amongst the student community and assist the Warden in providing welfare support to residents. They can help with a whole range of issues, and you can approach one of the Sub-Wardens at any time to discuss a concern. Sub-Wardens also play a big part in running social activities and they’re a great source of information for general advice about life at Imperial.

Hall Seniors

Hall Seniors are Imperial undergraduate students with previous experience of living in a hall of residence. They help organise social events and are always happy to answer questions about life at Imperial, getting to know London and settling in to your new home. As current students they are great people to ask for any top tips about being an Imperial student.

Who's who pt2

Halls Social Committee

Moving to London and living on your own for the first time can be daunting! The Warden’s Team in your hall want to ensure you have the best possible time during your stay and that you feel welcome and comfortable in your new home. To help you settle in to life in halls and get to know other students, there is a Social Committee that organises events throughout the year.

Ask for help - that's what we're here for!

If you have any issues during your time in halls, whether it’s a difficulty with your neighbour, a health problem, or a study-related issue, you can talk to a member of the Warden’s Team. Your dedicated hall website contains all the information you need about life in your hall and how to contact the Warden’s Team, Hall Seniors and Social Committee.

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