The central Sustainability Hub is led by our Academic Lead for Sustainability (Prof. Tim Green) and Sustainability Strategy Director (Harriet Wallace), working alongside sustainability leads in our Operational Teams and sustainability committees in our Academic Faculties. You can find out more about our governance structures here.
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Sustainability team

  • Professor Tim Green

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    Professor Tim Green Academic Leader in Sustainability & Professor


    Half of my time is dedicated to my role as Academic Lead for Sustainability and in that role work to make the university's own activities sustainable. There are many dimensions to this: carbon emissions from our energy use; carbon emissions from goods and services we buy, biodiversity, air-quality and many more.

  • Harriet Wallace

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    Harriet Wallace Sustainability Strategy Director


    I am currently the Sustainability Strategy Director, leading the programme to implement the university’s Sustainability Strategy. I have worked in government for many years, most recently as Director International Research and Innovation at BEIS - leading on the government’s science and innovation relationship with the rest of Europe and the world.

  • Mark Wilkinson

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    Mark Wilkinson Sustainability Manager


    My remit at Imperial includes supporting the university's directly managed operations on the journey to Net Zero. I have an interest in sustainable business management and I’m currently studying for an apprenticeship MBA with a focus on Sustainability and Net Zero. I’m actively involved in promoting Sustainability at Imperial, within the sector through the EAUC and the local community through South KenZen+.

  • Rhea Samra

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    Rhea Samra Sustainability Officer


    I work with teams to create project plans and lead initiatives, working to deliver our Sustainability Strategy. I’ve recently finished working on Imperial’s Sustainable Travel Policy and now looking at biodiversity, waste, and staff training opportunities. I am the secretariat to the Sustainability Strategy Committee and co-chair the Sustainability Champions Network and Climate & Sustainability Communications Network.

  • Will Gee

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    Will Gee Sustainability Programme Manager


    I've dedicated my career to supporting organisations set ambitious environmental goals and navigating the ESG landscape. One of my proudest achievements has been spearheading initiatives at Freddie’s Flowers, to attain B-Corp certification, PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral certification and establish Science-Based Targets. As a Sustainability Programme Manager at Imperial, I collaborate with various teams to drive initiatives that align with the university's overarching sustainability strategy.

  • Ben Gray

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    Ben Gray Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator


    My role involves the engagement and rollout of programmes designed to empower our staff and students to make impactful change in Laboratory and Office spaces, such as LEAF and Green Impact. My background in Analytical Chemistry is where I discovered the importance of considering sustainability in labs, which consume up to 10x more energy than office spaces and generate millions of tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Sustainability Staff 2

Allison Hunter

Laboratory resource efficiency advisor, lead and champion


Fintan O'Connor

Special Projects and Sustainability Manager

Mike Tennant

Vice-Dean (Education), Principal Teaching Fellow


Sustainability Staff 4

Andy Hammond

Head of Energy, Engineering and the Environment

Colin Nye

Energy Manager

Hari Haren

Energy Engineer

Sustainability Staff 5

Ian Davison

Waste and Recycling Manager


Rod Coppard

Building Manager (Projects Delivery Lead for Sustainability)

Lisa Holland

Energy and Environment Officer

Sustainability Staff 5

Victoria Hoare

Research Postgraduate, CEP (carbon budgeting)

Dr Salvador Acha

Senior Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering (Energy Monitoring Pathfinder secondment project)


Kamil Khoury

Head of Catering & Events