Our research matters. We are a world-leader in climate change research, and uniquely placed to deliver the scientific, technological and policy solutions we need to make the zero pollution vision a reality.

We pioneer a multi-disciplinary approach to global problem-solving. Our research is transforming manufacturing, attitudes to consumption and economic practices. It is revealing the impact of pollution on human health, and how to mitigate it. We are driving advances in sustainable energy sources, electric vehicles and fuel cells; tackling water scarcity and ocean plastics; improving air quality; and helping to ensure food security and climate resilience across the world.

We do things differently. We transcend traditional fields, bringing together researchers across Imperial and forging new approaches that converge disciplines, from fundamental science and engineering, systems thinking, human health, new business models, and policymaking. We support the rapid translation of ideas into new sustainable products, services and companies, through our rich entrepreneurial ecosystem at White City and our support of innovation, translation and entrepreneurship across the College. And we are reshaping our research portfolio to support our sustainability goals. 

Our research covers a range of sector-based areas, with impact on society and policy at the heart of everything we do.

Society and policy