The Leonardo Centre on Business for Society (Leonardo Centre), a College Centre of Excellence, envisions a society where companies pursue profit for societal impact. We believe that environmental destruction and social and economic injustice are not inevitable consequences of economic growth.

The Leonardo Centre's mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable and inclusive logics of business using experimentation and innovative initiatives. To achieve this mission, we have developed a number of research programmes, articulated along the regeneration of the natural, social, and socio-economic environments, and five business evolution streams:

  • Purpose and Governance. Introducing new, integrative, models of governance, involving representatives of value chain partners, employees and communities.
  • Leadership and Culture. Identifying and scaling the best leadership models and shared values to drive transformational change towards flourishing socio-economic systems.
  • Business Model Innovation. Designing innovative platforms to generate insights from combining technological solutions and stakeholders’ contributions.
  • Corporate and Functional Strategies. Integrating stakeholders’ capabilities and perspectives to enhance the quality of corporate as well as functional strategies.
  • Control and Incentive Systems. Redesigning HR processes, incentives and internal accounting procedures to embed the metrics and the targets related to the grand challenges.

Leonardo develops its research agenda through collaborative experimentation programmes. The programmes leverage an AI based global dataset of sustainability initiatives and an extensive research network, which can be applied across sectorial expertise to address societal challenges.

"The Leonardo Centre offers an innovative way to tackle the multiple complex issues related to the exploration and experimentation of more inclusive and sustainable forms of enterprise. The Leonardo Centre aims to contribute to the positive evolution of business as we currently know it."
Maurizio Zollo
Scientific Director, Leonardo Centre
Maurizio Zollo