Reducing the impact of nanoparticle emissions during concrete production and recycling

Started: October 2018

Supervisors: Dr Marc Stettler; Dr Geoff Fowler; Dr Hong Wong; Professor Chris Cheeseman

Industry Partner: Air Monitors Ltd; Emissions Analytics

Description of Research

Concrete is a widely used building material because of its impressive structural properties. However, previous research has indicated the formation of nanoparticles during concrete production, demolition and recycling. These nanoparticles could have a significant and detrimental impact on air quality, and inhalation could deteriorate human health (for example respiratory inflammation).

This research, through the combination of different analytical techniques, aims to determine the physicochemical characteristics and the formation mechanisms of the nanoparticles. By aligning this information with size and concentration nanoparticle data, this research will allow the toxicity of the nanoparticles to be determined, and consequently, the implications of concrete production and demolition on human health and the urban environment.