Infrastructure ecology framework for sustainable urban planning and water management

Started: October 2018

Supervisor: Dr Ana Mijic; Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk

Description of Research

Under pressures of climate change and population growth, it is crucial to address water security and sustainable development with multi-functional interventions developed jointly by engineering, water management, urban planning and decision-making communities. This, however, requires the re-focus of the policy framing, and development of the conceptual framework that would guide this debate. This challenge is particularly important for London, where a shortage of housing -particularly affordable homes- is being experienced during last decades and its region is highly vulnerable to water shortages (droughts) and floods.

This research aims to develop an infrastructure ecology framework, which will explicitly link urban planning and building solutions with sustainable water management (Blue Green Infrastructure and water efficiency) and urban micro climate (urban heat island mitigation and thermal comfort). The framework will allow the assessment of infrastructure to evaluate the overall quality of life in cities, and it will enable a selection of climate change adaptation options taking into account interactions at a systems level.

Ultimately, the framework will enable urban infrastructure design that requires less financial resources, while maximising sustainability and resilience. The project is one of the key elements in the delivery of the CAMELLIA “Community Water Management for a Liveable London” programme.