Visitors explore the Greener Futures Zone at the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019.
Visitors explore the Greener Futures Zone at the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019.


To work collaboratively with our local communities and the wider public to develop appropriate actions addressing sustainability challenges. We will create public engagement opportunities related to sustainability locally, nationally and globally.

We will…

  • make our sustainability research accessible and responsive to the needs of society to address local and global environmental challenges;
  • engage populations locally and globally to develop evidence-based policy recommendations to find solutions to environmental challenges together;
  • empower the public to make informed choices about sustainability, both in terms of personal behaviour and the development of wider policy;
  • encourage our staff and students to be sustainability champions both on and off our campuses, recognising their responsibilities as citizens of a wider society;
  • build capacity and act as leaders in creating opportunities for sustainable action;
  • continue to build strong relationships with our international partners and global community of alumni to address the challenges of climate change;
  • continue to collaborate with our local authorities on the sustainability of our campuses and London in general;
  • bring our sustainable development agenda to bear, with our partners in business, to ensure that our work together maximises its contribution to sustainability;
  • ensure that our institutional sustainability targets contribute to the wider London plan for tackling climate change;
  • use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for research and partnership locally and globally.

Measures of progress

  • Increase in number of collaborative initiatives around the theme of sustainability;
  • Increase in number of external partners engaged with sustainability projects and programmes;
  • Increase in number of Imperial staff and students engaged with external bodies and diverse public audiences influencing the sustainability agenda;
  • Increase in number of public participants engaging with sustainability-related learning opportunities;
  • Increase in the proportion of participants or partners reporting increased confidence and positive intentions in relation to addressing sustainability challenges as a result of engagement with the College.