Award 1Principal Investigator: Dr Kate Simpson 
Co-Investigators: Dr Pelin Demirel, Dr Luigi Mosca, Haoyu Zuo 

The project is designed to support an acceleration of eco-innovation in existing buildings through retrofitting. The project will conduct an analysis of patents on the European Patent Office database using a text mining approach to cluster results. Results will then be compiled into a technology-efficiency map. This research will form the basis for improving routes to market for new innovations and provide firms with a means of improving their ability to identify and shortlist new technology to support their eco-innovation agenda. 

The building sector accounts for 39% of EU CO2 emissions. As a result, the need to accelerate the diffusion of eco-innovations (i.e. environmental innovation) in existing buildings is an important aspect of delivering against the Clean Growth Strategy of improving energy efficiency. Eco-innovation in retrofitted buildings has the potential to contribute significantly to this strategy, not only through the introduction of technologies to improve building performance and energy efficiency, but in avoiding higher resource consumption associated with demolition and new-build.  

The project will help to provide researchers and practitioners with greater awareness of emerging technologies to inform design and planning practices optimising efficiency. This can assist in overcoming challenges in the diffusion of eco-innovations due to the highly fragmented industry structure.

Outputs - CSEI seminar - A Framework for Assessing Public Occupancy Risk in Buildings