Project title: Computational multi-scale investigation of nonlocal effects in superfocusing.

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Horsfield and Prof Stefan Maier                 

Project description:

Superfocusing occurs when surface polaritons allow electromagnetic radiation to be concentrated into a region smaller than its wavelength. A number of devices have been suggested that can achieve this. Here we concentrate on a sharp conical metal tip, which has a dimension of about 10 nm [1]. We will investigate the dependence of the focusing on radiation wavelength, polarization, and the materials properties of the tip. Possible applications to chemical sensing will be considered.

[1] “Near-Field Localization in Plasmonic Superfocusing: A Nanoemitter on a Tip”, Neacsu et al, Nano Lett 10 592-596 (2010).

Research highlights:

  • Talk at the Plasmonics and Metamaterials seminar meeting: “Plasmonic properties of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces” (The Blackett Laboratory, December 2010)
  • Co-organiser of: Hermes 2012, an international summer school for multiscale materials simulation and science coommunication (2011-2012)
  • Stand at the Big Bang Science Festival (11 March 2011)
  • Co-organiser of: “Strut our science - fashion show & exhibition with a science twist” (Imperial College Business School, 7 March 2011 - 11 March 2011)
  • Talk at the Plasmonics and Metamaterials seminar meeting: “Non-local electromagnetics”, (The Blackett Laboratory, October 2011)
  • Talk at the Plasmonics and Metamaterials seminar meeting: “Plasmonic sinks: a tool for the selective removal of long-lived states” (The Blackett Laboratory, November 2011)


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