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11 December 2019
Afternoom s
ymposium on "The impact of pollution on vascular health"
Invention Rooms, White City Campus. Conveners: Wisia Wedzicha and Terry Tetley
View presentations: Vascular Science Network 11 December 2019 Symposium (PDF)

4 December 2019
“Developing platelet-targeted magnetic nanoparticles to treat cardiovascular disease”
Cardio-Respiratory seminar series lecture by Dr Alan Harper, Keele University

2 December 2019
"Sequencing deep into the mechanisms of atherosclerosis"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture: Dr Minna Kaikkonen-Määttä, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics, University of Eastern Finland

25 November 2019
"Breaking bad news : lessons learnt from Orbita"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture:  Dr Rasha Al-Lamee, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Interventional Cardiology Consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

30 October 2019
Afternoon symposium on molecular targeting of the vasculature
Invention Rooms, White City Campus
View Presentations: Vascular Science Network 30 October 2019 Symposium (PDF)

21 October 2019
"Imaging neurovascular development, anatomy and function using zebrafish"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by Professor Tim Chico, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Sheffield 

14 October 2019
Arteries at a single cell level- normalcy and disease" 
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by Professor Michael Simons, Yale School of Medicine 

23 July 2019
Graduate Student Symposium
Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Rooms G34 and 122
Vascular Science Network presentations 23 July 2019 (PDF)

17 July 2019
Afternoon symposium on research opportunities in vasculitis
Room 427/8 ICTEM, Hammersmith Campus
View Vasculitis Network symposium Programme July 17 2019 (PDF)

13 June 2019
One-day symposium on the vasculature and the lung
Invention Rooms, White City Campus
View Vascular Network meeting June 13 2019 (PDF)

18 March 2019
"Membrane-bound Kit-ligand function in development and disease"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by Dr Mario Buono, MRC Molecular Haematology Unit, University of Oxford

25 February 2019
“Adaptable endothelial cells for uncovering molecular determinants of vascular heterogeneity”
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by Dr Shahin Rafii, Professor of Medicine and Genetic Medicine Director, Ansary Stem Cell Center for Regenerative Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York

18 February 2019
"Omics and clinical phenotyping in pulmonary hypertension"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by Dr Chris Rhodes, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London

5 February 2019
"Vascular inflammation and lipidomics of vitamin E"
Dementia Research Institute seminar by Professor Val O'Donnell, Systems Immunity Research Institute, Cardiff University

10 December 2018
"Smooth muscle cell progenitors: survival, fate and clonality"
Christmas Lecture by Professor Daniel Greif, Yale University School of Medicine

1 October 2018
"Bioengineering approaches to vessels, including optical imaging and modelling of lymphatics"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by 
Professor James Moore, Imperial College London, Bioengineering

24 September 2018
"Functional genomics of hematopoietic lineages"
Haematology seminar by Dr Mattia Frontini (University of Cambridge, Haematology)

24 July 2018
Graduate student presentations
Vascular Network Presentations Programme (DOC)‌.

23 July 2018
Protein kinase SYK in vasculitis and glomerulonephritis"
NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture by Professor Frederick Tam from Faculty of Medicine, Imperial

23 March 2018
"Immunomodulation via the cardiac lymphatic system to improve heart repair"
BHF Centre of Research Excellence seminar by guest speaker Professor Paul Riley of the University of Oxford

26 March 2018
Vascular Science Network Launch Meeting 
including posters and introductory talks with opening remarks from the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) Nick Jennings. 
Read about the event on Imperial News.

6 December 2017
"Regulation of the macrophage epigenome: relevance for cardiovascular disease"
Seminar by Professor Menno P.J. de Winther

15 November 2017
“The Athlete’s Heart”
Expert lecture by Professor Jamil Mayet