Articles in professional magazines:

Our recent article on FTIR Spectroscopic Imaging for the Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals (doi) has been recently featured in GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)   (2020)

An interview  with Prof. Kazarian by Spectroscopy magazine about recent researh (9 April 2018).

Kazarian S. G.  "Seeing the Full Picture"  Analytical Scientist   (2016)  January, 16-17. 

Kimber, J. A., Kazarian S. G. “Macro ATR-FTIR Spectroscopic Imaging of Dynamic Processes” Spectroscopy (2014) 29(10) 34-44.

Dougan J. A., Kazarian S. G. “Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging of live cells” Spectroscopy Europe(2013) 25(5) 6-12. 

Chan K. L.A., Kazarian S. G.“Label-free chemical detection in micro-fabricated devices using FT-IR spectroscopic imaging”  Spectroscopy 27 (10) (2012) 22-30.  An interview with Prof. Sergei Kazarian about this article is in "FT-IR Imaging used as a Detection Technique with Microfabricated Microfluidic Devices"

Kazarian S. G., Higgins J. S. "A closer look at polymers" Chemistry & Industry 10 (May 20th issue) (2002) 21-23.

Kazarian, S. G., Flichy, N. M. B., et al, "Potential of ATR-IR spectroscopy in applications to supercritical fluids and liquefied gases" American Laboratory (2001) Vol: 33 , Pages: 44 - 49

Kazarian S. G., Briscoe B. J., Coombs D., Poulter G. "Spectroscopy Safely Goes Supercritical"  Spectroscopy Europe 11(3),   (1999) 10-16.

Kazarian, S. G., West, B. L., Vincent, M. F., Eckert C. A., "In Situ Analysis of Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Impregnation of Polymeric Matrices", American Laboratory (1997) Vol: 29 , : 18-B - 18-G.

Our research on Tip-enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) publihsed in Nanotechology 2010 and 2011 has been highlighted in two artciles in 1 and 2  This methodlogy has aso been highlighted by the Department of Chemical Engineering

An article about our applications of FTIR imaging to analyitical characterization of fake antimalarial drugs "Forging ahead of the counterfeiters"  published ina a RSC magazine Chemistry World October issue (2007).

Our novel applications of FTIR spectroscopic imaging  to forensics spectroscopic imaging of forensics were described twice in Police Professional, the leading magazine for the UK police force, (Police Professional November 30th 2006 issue, p.46-48).

Our ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging approach has been included in the Fingermark Visualisation Manual  1st Edition (2014) published by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST).  

Sergei Kazarian is an Affiliate of the Institute of Security Science and Technology at imperial College London

Our spectroscopic imaging approach for chemical imaging of fingerprints has been featured in TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry in “In the News” section 26(8) (2007) titled "Gelatin lifters can highlight fingerprints"  and in Photonics Spectra (September 2007) in an article titled "Optical Technique Could Improve Forensic Information Gained from Fingerprints", as well as in numerous articles and news items online. 


Invited lecture at “Recent Advances in Applications of Spectroscopic Imaging to Biomaterials” at the Symposium ““Challenges in Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy”” at PITTCON-2020 in Chicago, USA

Plenary lecture: “FTIR spectroscopic imaging:  new trends and emerging applications” Invited lecture at “Recent advances in spectroscopic imaging and other modern techniques-2” Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, March 2019

Keynote lecture “Electro-assisted Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering of Azo-Chromophores in Glassy Environment” The 26th International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy (ICORS), Jeju, South Korea,  August 2018

“Recent developments of applications of FTIR spectroscopic Imaging to Biomaterials” International Conference on  Bio-sensing and imaging (ICOBSI),  Florence, Italy 2018

Keynote lecture at the 16th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids, entitled “Recent Applications of In situ Spectroscopy to Polymers and Crude Oil Fouling” in Lisbon, Portugal, April 2017

Invited lecture at JPAG (Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group, on Solving problems with Spectral Imaging entitled "Solving problems in tablet dissolution using FTIR imaging",  February 2016, London, UK

Invited  Keynote lecture at APACT 16  (Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies, ) entitled “Spectroscopic Imaging for Process Analysis” April 2016, Chester, UK

Plenary  lecture at the XIV Meeting on Polymers of the Spanish Royal Chemistry and Royal Physics Societies entitled "Spectroscopic Imaging and In situ Spectroscopy of Polymers”  2016 Burgos Spain.

Plenary lecture  at  EUROANALYSIS 2015 ( entitled “Spectroscopic Imaging for Chemical Analysis”  September 2015,  France


BASF (Langmuir 2014), AbbVie (EJPS 2015),   BMS ( JPS 2011, EJPS 2013EJPS 2014,  JPBA 2015, IJP 2015, Biomicrofluidics 2016),  Pfizer (Analytical Chemistry 2003), BP (Energy&Fuels 2014, Energy&Fuels 2015Adsorption Science and Technology 2014,  Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2015),  Unilever (Applied Spectroscopy 2008),  Firmenich (Journal of Biomedical Optics 2008), Daiichi-Sankyo  (Japan) (International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2016), Zentiva (Czech Republic) (Pharmaceutical Research 2017, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2018 (doi)

Sergei Kazarian is an Affiliate and a Research Champion of Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE) at Imperial College London 

Our group's recent BBSRC-funded project “Application of ATR-FTIR imaging to industrial scale production of therapeutic antibodies” is a part of Bioprocessing Research Industry Club (BRIC) in collaboration with Paul Corporation and the Department of Life Sciences (Analytical Chemistry 2014 Open AccessAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2015 Open Access and Sciencetific Reports 2016  Open Access). 

Our long-standing collaboration with Specac, Ltd. led to two new commercial products:  a Supercritical Fluids Golden Gate (American Laboratory 33(16) (2001) 44-49).  and the Imaging Golden Gate, both are diamond based ATR accessories for macro ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging. Our group demonstrated the applicability of using a prototype diamond accessory for imaging in the article in 2003  (Applied Spectroscopy). Prof. Kazarian has been invited  be a member of Specac Scientific Advisory Board.  

Elena Possenti, Cai Li Song and Sergei G. Kazarian jointly with SPECAC Ltd published an Application Note on “SurveyIR and Cultural Heritage Non-invasive insight of gilded paint samples using the Infrared Microscopy Accessory” (2020).

Sergei Kazarian is a member of the Steeering Committee of CPACT (Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technologies) which links to CMAC (Centre for Innovatiove Manufactruring in Continuous manufacturing and crystallisation).

Abbott Volwiler Donation Award to Sergei Kazarian for research in pharmaceutical science (2007).