"Chemical Photography" of Drug Release

EPSRC project "Application of FTIR Imaging to Drug release" (PI: S. G. Kazarian)
Collaboration with Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Myers Squibb, Abbott,  AbbVie, Unilever and other companies

PEG/Ibuprofen formulation dissolving Our group has been active in the development of novel in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging approaches for studying of pharmaceutical tablets dissolution and drug release. It is with this approach that we obtained first direct evidence of drug crystallisation during the contact of tablet with water. This observation was surprising since the drug was molecularly dispersed in polymer matrix via supercritical fluid impregnation. The possible re-crystallisation of drug during dissolution was implied in previous studies but our spectroscopic imaging approach has provided the first direct evidence for this phenomenon based on the study of the model drug. One of the main contributions of this work was presenting an ATR-FTIR imaging approach that allowed us to view a dynamic process via simultaneous measurement of the distribution of polymer, drug and water. This spectroscopic imaging method is substantially superior to many of the other imaging methods due to inherent chemical specificity of infrared spectroscopy and fast acquisition times of this technique. Our data demonstrated that the methodology will provide a means to optimise and design formulations for controlled drug delivery, and will help to overcome some of the recognised difficulties in modelling and predicting this phenomenon. Furthermore, this approach is important in a wider technological sense, for example, it will assist studies of water uptake into polymers and adhesives, and the release of active agents in targeted delivery systems such as flavours, fragrances, transdermal drug delivery and personal care products. We also collaborate on the development of near-Infrared  (NIR) mode in spectrosocpic imaging for studies of tablet dissolution and drug release (see a separate section of references on NIR below)

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