Dr Lou Balmer-Millar with Provost James Stirling, signing the Caterpillar-Imperial I&RC agreement
Dr Lou Balmer-Millar, Caterpillar’s Director of Research and Advanced Engineering, with Provost James Stirling, signing the agreement for the new Caterpillar Innovation & Research Centre, based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Caterpillar-Imperial Innovation and Research Centre (I&RC) was established in 2015, with the following objectives

  • to work together collaboratively to define and develop a research portfolio primarily in the field of air systems, turbochargers and waste heat recovery for heavy duty diesel & gas engines to align with and support Caterpillar’s future production and business needs
  • to support Caterpillar’s long-term technology development needs whilst simultaneously providing leading edge and challenging research topics for the University and its academic staff
  • to stimulate innovation, joint idea development, technology transfer, training of staff, positive values and close working relationships between the University and Caterpillar


  • Research Manager: Dr Aaron Costall
  • Research Director: Professor Ricardo Martinez-Botas