The Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) is uniquely designed to provide high aerodynamic efficiency in low pressure ratio operation, to recover exhaust energy whilst minimising back pressure.


Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) is a key trend among engine manufacturers for both on- and off-road applications, in the drive towards increased energy efficiency. LPT is a turbine designed specifically for low values of pressure ratio (1.05-1.30), allowing extraction of residual exhaust energy downstreamLPT of the turbocharger, whilst minimising negative engine performance impact due to increased exhaust back pressure. LPT was designed to drive an electric generator, allowing recharging of batteries and/or the powering of vehicle auxiliaries.

An LPT was designed and manufactured for a 1.0 L heavily-downsized gasoline engine application, achieving 75.8% efficiency at 1.103 pressure ratio in steady-state cold-flow conditions – no turbines exist within this range of parameters. Engine testing yielded a 2.6% reduction in Brake Specific Fuel Consumption in part-load conditions (2500 rpm).


The Low Pressure Turbine is ideally placed for energy recovery in passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks, along with Internal Combustion Engine-based power generation applications.


The development of this technology is currently being supported by the Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Engineering team at Imperial College London. A business development manager has been engaged to attract and negotiate with potential licensees for the technology.

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