The Asymmetric Double-Entry Turbine allows the tuning between turbine scrolls under high Exhaust Gas Recirculation rates, allowing the maximisation of efficiency and power extraction.


Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is an effective post-combustion measure to reduce the formation of NOx within Internal Combustion engines. In double-entry turbochargers, high EGR rates lead to a mass imbalance between the turbine scrolls and a resultant degradation of aerodynamic performance. ADT therefore proposes a scroll design with asymmetry between runners, allowing an improved flow balance around the turbine wheel and leading to improved energy extraction capability.

ADETExperimental testing at Imperial College achieved 75% peak efficiency at 10% EGR rate. In comparison to a symmetric turbine, a nozzled design increased average turbine efficiency by 13%-points in unsteady testing, leading to a predicted Brake Specific Fuel Consumption improvement of 2-3%.


The Asymmetric Double-Entry Turbine is well-suited to heavy-duty engines (gasoline and diesel, on- and off-road) utilising Exhaust Gas Recirculation.


The development of this technology is currently being supported by the Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Engineering team at Imperial College London. A business development manager has been engaged to attract and negotiate with potential licensees for the technology.

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