We shared the five themes with key stakeholders to check and challenge them. This included Provost's Board, Staff Networks, Heads of Departments, Faculty Board, EDI Forum, Athena SWAN and Support Services Network.

We asked staff to to consider these themes through an online survey shared by the Provost. We receieved 103 responses and the results highlighted:

  • Positive thoughts, ideas and suggestions to add to the process
  • The themes aligned with what we heard during the workshops.
  • A limited number of respondents were entirely against the introduction of (these) Values

The survey also highlighted four consistent themes in the feedback:


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion needs to be more explicit in the Behaviours.
To make Values a part of the culture, things need to change.
Senior staff and those that "bring in funding" should not be excused from behaving appropriately.
The Value of 'Excellence' had a mixed response, the key concern being that 'Excellence' cannot be used as an excuse for poor behaviour or that 'Excellence' should be achieved at any cost.

This feedback was incorporated into our plans to ensure we developed Behaviours that were required of all members of the Imperial community.